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Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) both rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes abused and abandoned companion and farm animals, and also facilitates the rescue of such animals alongside other rescue organizations in Puerto Rico. ADLA successfully wages cruelty investigations when necessary, and is involved in Humane Education efforts/campaigns island wide. ADLA continually has its eye on the "big picture" for Puerto Rico, and is not limited in its involvement in planning for a humane Puerto Rico.

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Chris & Dalmas

Christine Driscoll: President Emeritus and Founder
Christine is a veteran animal rescuer with more than 21 years of rescuing animals under her belt. Having majored in Spanish at school, it wasn't any wonder that Christine naturally gravitated toward Spanish speaking countries after her graduation. Christine lived in Costa Rica for two years, and then went on to live in Mexico. Mexico is where Christine's rescue career began. While in Mexico she took in stray dogs and re-homed them in the community. After 9 years in Mexico, Christine followed her good friend to Puerto Rico where her friend was opening a language school. Christine immediately began rescuing animals in Puerto Rico upon her arrival. It was impossible for her not to. She would then spend the next 12 years acting as a voice for the abused and abandoned animals of Puerto Rico, formally founding Amigos de los Animales, Inc., in 2005. Christine has been fundamental in seeing cruelty cases through to helping facilitate big rescue projects...In June of 2007 Christine moved to Orlando, FL, with her husband Carlos and their two "girls" (aka rescued Puerto Rican dogs) Ally and Paloma. Her generous and humorous spirit is sorely missed in the rescue-trenches of Puerto Rico.
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Adrian Galler Lastra Horse Rescue

Adrienne Galler Lastra: President / Executive Director
was born in Baltimore, Md and raised there till she was 19 when she moved to be with her mom in Puerto Rico. She lives in Piņones where she converted her home to what is now the Piņones Beach Project Shelter. After finishing her music education in Puerto Rico, she went to Los Angeles, Ca to pursue her career as a bassist. Adrienne moved back to Puerto Rico in 2002 to care for her mom after her mother suffered a stroke. Shortly thereafter Adri began rescuing horses from a notorious housing project called "Llorens Torres" managing to clear the housing project of 14 horses. Horses are often used as drug tender among traffickers. In 2010 Adri and John Saccenti of Career Development Institute, brought the first ever 6 day Animal Control Officer/Cruelty Investigator course to Puerto Rico which is certified by the Office of Animal Control of the PR Health Department. At Adri's home there are always between 30 and 45 rescued critters in different stages of rehabilitation so her life is never boring!
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Susan Soltero

Susan Soltero: Vice President
is an Emmy Award Winning Meteorologist for Univision Puerto Rico. She is currently the morning weather anchor and hosts a noon environmental segment called "Susan en su Ambiente" or "Susan in her Environment" and has become well known for her science and environmental reporting. She is the chief meteorologist at Boricua 740am where she is in charge of at least seven daily weather updates and special reports. She also hosts a one hour radio program which runs daily from 3-4pm AST on WALO 1240am in Humacao and can be heard on called "A Ciencia Cierta" or "True Science". She has won numerous awards and recognitions from the state legislature for her work with the environment. She has also written several books and is working on a third. Her book about the Manatees in Puerto Rico was the first book written about manatees in Puerto Rico and is a big hit in schools. Highlights of her career include swimming with manatees, flying into the eye of hurricane Georges before it made landfall in Puerto Rico with the hurricane hunters (two engines died in that run-quite an adventure), following humpback whales in Dominican Republic and sky diving from an altitude of four miles (a high altitude dive which earned her the Emmy Award). She is the mother of another young adventurer who is currently learning to fly. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and hopes to leave a legacy of animal and environmental protection on the island. As an instructor for the first Animal Control Officer / Cruelty Investigator certification course ever to be given in Puerto Rico in collaboration with the Puerto Rico Health Department, Susan is an active certified ACO/CI herself and is a member of the Animal Rights Commission of the Puerto Rico 'Colegio de Abogados', which is the College of Lawyers where she serves as liaison for animal cruelty cases and ACO/CIs. During the WAS*IS seminar she hopes to gain a lot of insight she can share with her viewers and listeners and will be transmitting live from 3-4pm every day. We are proud to have her as ADLA's Vice President and team member.


Cheryl Canino: Executive Vice President
Born and raised in San Juan, PR, Cheryl is the mom of Amanda who is also a volunteer and of Maya Sofia, her four legged daughter (ex member of the ADLA clan of rescued pooches who now has a home where she is the Queen). Cheryl has a full time position at a law firm but she also works hard as a volunteer on a regular basis. Since she was a young girl, she always loved animals, especially dogs and she rescued, fed and cared for them. She was so sensitized by the miserable conditions in which most live here that she wanted to help aliviate their suffering. Cheryl passed along that same sensitivity to her daughter and they both decided to do become volunteers at a shelter. That's how they came to Amigos de los Animales and since then, Cheryl has worked tirelessly to help the animals and ADLA. She was recently brutally attacked by a dog she was trying to save but that hasn't dampened her desire to help or her love for the animals. On the contrary, she has become one of the first certified Animal Control Officer / Cruelty Investigators on the island. She is a force to be reckoned with and Amigos de los Animales is proud to have her on our team. We will get better and better with Cheryl's intelligence, determination and hard work!
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Rosina Fabbo-Barrasso

Rosina Fabbo-Barrasso: Volunteer
Italian born Rosina stumbled upon the plight of dogs in Puerto Rico when she donated her cat Misha's belongings (who had passed away) to a local shelter in Boston that acts as a pet-partnership for rescue organizations in Puerto Rico. Rosina remembered that she had an unused airline voucher that was about to expire and worked with the shelter to make arrangements to come to Puerto Rico and volunteer her time to help with rescue efforts. While in Puerto Rico, Rosina met most of the Amigos members and was able to later take a tour of "Dead Dog Beach" with Steve. Rosina adopted a dog off the beach with the help of the rescuers she was staying with, and has continued to be a resource and support for the dogs at the beach. Rosina was recently back to Puerto Rico for vacation, and took 3 dogs with her to foster and find homes for. Amigos is grateful to Rosina for her continued support of Puerto Rican dogs.
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Lisa Scalzitti

Lisa Scalzitti: Volunteer
The awesome Lisa Scalzitti lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband, five dogs and six cats. She is a high school science teacher and she and her husband work with several groups fostering many dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens throughout the year in addition to fundraising and various other rescue activities. Lisa says "The need for humane education, adoptions, foster homes, and animal control in New Orleans is great as it is in Puerto Rico." Lisa has been traveling to visit us at Amigos de los Animales for years to learn more about the situation while putting in time as a volunteer to help the animals on the island. On her first trip to PR she met her future dog Mina, who had been dragged by a truck and rescued. "She is one of the lucky ones. Her body is scarred as a permanent reminder of how badly things can go when we do nothing and are ignorant to the plight of animals. The fact that she is here with me in my home is an example of how RIGHT things can go when people do the right thing. All animals deserve better and I care very deeply about humane education, spay/neuter, and greater rescue efforts in Puerto Rico and in the US. " Lisa will take start her own non- profit that focuses on rescue as well as education to promote humane treatment of animals to future generations. She believes that things can, and will get better- but we have to work together to make it happen. We love Lisa - She ROCKS!!

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